Lavender Essential Oil




LAVENDER 100% Pure Essential Oil
Lavandula angustifolia (France)
Aqua Oleum by Julia Lawless

Aqua Oleum pure essential oils are all selected by Julia Lawless, from specific botanical species.

  • Description
    Familiar, sweet-floral scent.
    Blends well with: geranium, rose, chamomile & palmarosa.
  • Key Benefits
    Relaxing / soothing, invaluable for skin care, versatile remedy.
  • Usage:

Bath: 5-10 drops. Vaporiser: 3-5 drops. Body & massage:
5 drops/10ml base oil.
Tips: Put a few drops on your pillow for restful sleep – may also be used for children / or rub a few drops into soles of the feet prior to retiring. May also be used neat as a perfume and to scent household linen etc.


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