Did you know that you are a Spirit having a Human experience.  Sweetgrass Naturals would like to help you tap into your inner spirit, that innate zest for a fruitful and thriving life, filled with love, light and fun experiences!

Buy immersing yourself in nature or by bringing nature into your living space, you can begin to heal and feel whole again by restoring the balance in body, mind and therefore spirit using nature’s elements, herbs and remedial ointments!

qUnleash your true spirit by using the tools, props, products and tips provided by Sweetgrass Naturals when it comes to your Meditation Practice, Past Life Regression, Incense Burning, Smudge Cleansing, Creative Potential, Emotional Unblocking, Energetic Boundaries, Detoxing and Rejuvenating the Body, Mind and Spirit, etc.


Did you know that it is part of your Life’s purpose to discover your authentic self by living from the heart, following one’s feelings and intuition as spiritual guidance to reaching one’s full creative potential.