Thank you for stopping by at Sweetgrass Naturals.  Our web site is currently under construction.  Please visit our Sweetgrass Naturals store @ #110-23343 Mavis Avenue in Fort Langley.


…where local means Fort Langley

Sweetgrass Naturals is more than just your regular natural health food store. Sweetgrass Naturals provides you with the most wholesome, organic and toxin-free products when it comes to skin care, digestive supplements, remedial teas and creating that Zen space in your home, workplace or personal sanctuary.

Sweetgrass Naturals brings you the finest selection of natural, wholesome and organic products when it comes to your optimal health and wellbeing for your body, mind and spirit.

70% of our products in the store are sourced locally.  And by Local we mean as local handcrafted and sourced here in the historic village of Fort Langley.

We carefully select a variety of Skin Care, Nutrition, Supplements and Health products from some of the most unique, non GMO and eco-friendly brands here in Fort Langley and the surrounding Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland areas of British Columbia, Canada.

For the remaining 30% of our products, such as our herbal teas and essential oils, we select some of the finest natural and health products and brands available in Europe and Asia that include: